Crossing Paths - A Guide to The Pillars for Human Security and the 2030 Global Goals

For close to a year I had the great privilege of leading a remote team of eight UN Volunteers in researching, writing, and editing the content and production of an ebook for Caux Forum: Just Governance for Human Security. This team brought the voices of individuals from all over the world to provide a tool for peace building and better understanding of how the UN Global Goals work towards human security.

Crossing Paths - A Guide to The Pillars for Human Security and the 2030 Global Goals:

On September 25th, 2015 countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. The UN Sustainable Development Goals build on the success of the Millennium Development Goals. Caux Forum: Just Governance for Human Security heard this call. Within the pages of this document, JGHS aligns its Six Pillars of Human Security with specific SDGs. 

The success of the SDGs are dependent on a holistic approach, this demands individuals in all areas of society and from every country, communicate and work together to create change.

Rather than focusing individual issues and isolated solutions, this Ebook and JGHS addresses how each of the UN SDGs links to another to create a whole solution ensuring inclusion and representation from all members of a community.

The Global Goals and SDGs are a global community movement for change, in this spirit, this eBook was created through the dedicated work of a volunteer team of writers and editors from the United Nations Volunteers Platform and with leadership and overview from the JGHS Team.

Access your copy of this free ebook here and let me know what you learned and how it relates to your work!

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Hello, World!

Check out my series with WomanScape A Call to Action: UN Women and Beyond! It was such an honor to spend several months interviewing incredible individuals around the globe who are creating actionable change in their communities. It was an honor to work with these women and be trusted with their stories. I am grateful to have had this opportunity and endlessly inspired by the power we each hold. For all of the articles in this series click on the link: A Hawk in the Road

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Just Governance for Human Security: Statement On Charlottesville

While I am deeply honored and thrilled to be a part of the Just Governance for Human Security team, it was a humbling moment to have my first assignment be to write a public statement for the organization regarding the horrific examples of hate in Charlottesville and throughout the world. Engagement and dialogue are crucial and now more than ever we must talk about and role model the kind of world we wish to create. Christian Picciolini has been leading the way in rethinking how we address violent extremism, his organization Life After Hate is showing what happens when we take the time to hear a story and get to know those we fear, that walls come down. That is just what JGHS is doing as well, find out more and get involved here


Bitters + Bottles, NOLS, and My Amazing Friend Meredith!

Recently, I had the opportunity to write a short interview piece for NOLS' publication, The Leader. Even more exciting was the opportunity to write about my dear friend from childhood, Meredith Lantz. She is one of the kindest humans out there and also a brilliant and focused business woman. Her company Bitters + Bottles is revamping the cocktail industry! So much love for this lady! Check out more on her story here 

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Examining Inherent Biases

Recently on a trip to Tulsa, I joined two friends and Caux Forum participants in the Tulsa Delegation at an evening event to bring community members together to discuss and share inherent biases. We each carry these and until they are discussed in safe environments and we each have an opportunity to know the other, progress cannot begin. To find out more about the evening and my short interview with Tulsa News on 6 check this out. It was an inspiring and challenging evening! If you want to find out more about the program, check out Risha Grant and her work here

Risha Grant is doing brave and necessary work in the community, I learned so much at her workshop and highly recommend her book! 

Risha Grant is doing brave and necessary work in the community, I learned so much at her workshop and highly recommend her book! 

An evening of community and engagement. Challenging questions with dear friends. 

An evening of community and engagement. Challenging questions with dear friends. 

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Memories From Caux Initiatives of Change: Just Governance for Human Security

It was such an honor and a week of inspiration to work with and get to know these incredible humans who attend the Caux Forum. The team at Just Governance worked magic in creating an atmosphere of being open-minded and inclusive. Conversations with Pierre Krähenbühl, Commissioner-General, UNRWA and David Chikvaidze, Chef de Cabinet, Office of the Director-General left me focused and in awe of what so many people are out there doing in the world to make a positive difference. 


Caux Initiatives of Change: Just Governance for Human Security

This past summer I was fortunate enough to be invited, as a participant, to Just Governance for Human Security. This forum brings together engaged citizens, government officials, business owners, politicians and change-makers together in a safe environment to talk about the most pressing issues facing the world. I walked through the doors of the Caux Palace in beautiful Caux, Switzerland not entirely sure if this forum would live up to the intention of everyone coming with an open mind. Yet day and day out I found this to be true and represented over and over again. Each person brought perspective and idea, the floor was always open for questions and it was a unique setting to see how solutions and dialogue were created in this environment. During the forum, I participated in the inaugural certification training program called Human SecurityX. This training is based on the six pillars of human security: Good Governance, Care for Refugees, Inclusive Economics, Sustainable Living, Food Security, and Healing Memory. This program took all the tools and dialgogue learned in the forum and created tangible actions we, as participants, could take with us. This is a big ask of oneself and crucial. These significant questions were given time to simmer each morning over group reflections. Sitting in a small group of people we looked out over the beautiful Swiss Alps and for thirty minutes we sat in reflective silence. This was a first experience meditating in a group and the energy buzzed wildly and very contentedly. Each person bringing their trials and hopes, their personal mission at being at Caux. This is a truly unique experience, I highly recommend engaging and getting involved. I am fortunate enough to be returning in 2018, though his time as part of the team! Thank you to the team at Caux for creating such an important conversation!