Caux Initiatives of Change: Just Governance for Human Security

This past summer I was fortunate enough to be invited, as a participant, to Just Governance for Human Security. This forum brings together engaged citizens, government officials, business owners, politicians and change-makers together in a safe environment to talk about the most pressing issues facing the world. I walked through the doors of the Caux Palace in beautiful Caux, Switzerland not entirely sure if this forum would live up to the intention of everyone coming with an open mind. Yet day and day out I found this to be true and represented over and over again. Each person brought perspective and idea, the floor was always open for questions and it was a unique setting to see how solutions and dialogue were created in this environment. During the forum, I participated in the inaugural certification training program called Human SecurityX. This training is based on the six pillars of human security: Good Governance, Care for Refugees, Inclusive Economics, Sustainable Living, Food Security, and Healing Memory. This program took all the tools and dialgogue learned in the forum and created tangible actions we, as participants, could take with us. This is a big ask of oneself and crucial. These significant questions were given time to simmer each morning over group reflections. Sitting in a small group of people we looked out over the beautiful Swiss Alps and for thirty minutes we sat in reflective silence. This was a first experience meditating in a group and the energy buzzed wildly and very contentedly. Each person bringing their trials and hopes, their personal mission at being at Caux. This is a truly unique experience, I highly recommend engaging and getting involved. I am fortunate enough to be returning in 2018, though his time as part of the team! Thank you to the team at Caux for creating such an important conversation!